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Tell Me Something..

Author: Adele Parks

I have been meaning to read a book by this author and “Tell Me Something” sounded like a good place to start.


Die-hard romantic Elizabeth has always wanted two things in life – an Italian husband and lots of rosy-cheeked babies. When she meets fabulously sexy Roberto, she glides down the aisle and dreamily pictures holding their first little bundle of joy.

But instead they end up running Roberto’s family business, where Elizabeth finds there’s more to living in Italy than enjoying ice cream in sun-drenched piazzas. She doesn’t need to be fluent in the language to understand that her scheming mother-in-law and Roberto’s beautiful, significant ex are hellbent on destroying their marriage. And when Elizabeth finds herself craving the company of a gorgeous American stranger, she knows her filthy, flirty thoughts about him are totally inappropriate. But there’s no denying he sets her temperature rising…

Could it be that Italy is turning Elizabeth’s love of romance into a desire for something far more scandalous and passionate?


I love Italy so I really loved the setting of this book, it made me want to pack my suitcase and hop on a plane! The Italian characters are brilliant, and i know for sure that a lot of women dream about finding that sexy Italian man to spend the rest of their days with. Adele Parks manages to show their fiery, passionate nature alongside their strong family values. Rafaella is not a particularly nice character but she is the perfect, meddling Italian matriarch.

I really enjoyed the dialogue between the characters especially when up against the language barrier. I love how i can see every single character’s flaws, even the leading character. And i love romance stories with many twist and turns and a happy good ending.

The book starts off as though it will be a Mills & Boon with a rather pathetic and silly blonde heroine who is swept off her feet by a dashing dark Italian…. And then reality hits and we see that life isn’t like a fairytale…

The heroine isn’t anything extraordinary and the hero isn’t the dashing dark Italian you’d expect.

The book is emotional, funny and sweet. It has lots of chick lit moments but it also defies the chick lit genre because the dashing handsome Italian isn’t the Mills & Boon hero we thought he’d be…

This book is a great read and i believe a lot of women will enjoy it.

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