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AUTHOR: V. C. Andrews


In the heart of the bayou, Ruby Landry lives a simple, happy life. But innocence can’t last forever… The only family Ruby Landry has ever known are her loving guardian, Grandmère Catherine, a Cajun spiritual healer, and her drunken, outcast Grandpèrb Jack. Although thinking about her dead mother and mysterious father sometimes makes her feel as mournful as the wind sighing through the Spanish moss, Ruby is grateful for all she has. Her life is filled with hope and promise…especially when her attraction for handsome Paul Tate blossoms into a mysterious, wonderful love. But Paul’s wealthy parents forbid him to associate with a poor Landry, and Grandmère urges her to follow her dream of becoming a great painter, foreseeing a time when Ruby will be surrounded with riches in the dazzling city of New Orleans! Yet she cannot know how close that uncertain future looms…. In a faded photograph, Ruby glimpses for the first time the image of her father — and learns of a shameful deception and a shocking scheme of blackmail that now must come to light. Stunned by these revelations, she is devastated when Grandmère dies, leaving her to seek out her father in his vast New Orleans mansion. There, in a house of lies, madness, and cruel torment, Ruby clings to her memories of Paul to keep her heart alive. For only their love can save her now….


I actually read this novel when i was 13 years old, my first real novel to read and i loved it then and i love it still. Ruby is a very good book. While her character got on my nerves at times—she is very willing to believe the best in people and is so easily deceived and taken advantage of it makes me want to smack her—she is generally likeable.

The book starts with her life on the bayou with her grandmother and her boyfriend Paul, a life that is genuinely happy for her. Things fall apart as Grandmere dies, she discovers Paul is her half-brother and her truly odious grandfather sells her into a marriage to a cruel, wealthy man. She runs away, seeking her father’s family. Things don’t really get better as she’s pushed into a world of betrayals and double faces. Giselle, her twin, is a selfish, vain, and cruel character who resents Ruby’s intrusion into their lives. While you hate her, it’s still easy to understand why she is that way; and Daphne, her mother, is a hateful, jealous woman who is honestly chilling to read. The book is very engaging, I found myself desperately flipping the pages toward the end, with a startlingly real and evocative cast of characters. I also liked the mix of Voodoo through in, and the way in which it was portrayed. Spooky stuff.

All in all i suggest everyone read this book, but the book is rather old. 🙂

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